Carlos Burtin was hired by Upjohn as a chemical technician in the Chemical Plastic Research (CPR) Division in Torrance, CA.

Spray Foam Begins

As a junior member of the team, Carlos Burtin helps formulate new spray foam products for the Gusmer Model FF. Burtin is deeply involved in the first commercially viable spray polyurethane foam products.

United Foam

Carlos was hired to formulate various products for the system division at United Foam.


Seattle Kingdome

While at United Foam, Burtin formulates a spray applied urethane foam which is used for a portion of the Seattle Kingdome roof, a first for a roof structure of this type.

Chemetics Systems

Carlos Burtin joins forces with Gale Vosburg to form Chemetics Systems.

Claudio Burtin

Claudio Burtin joins the Chemetics Systems team.

Burtin Urethane Corp.

Burtin Urethane Corp was formed in Santa Ana, CA

Trident 3 Series

Claudio Burtin was selected as a specialist to help write the insulation specifications requirements for the Trident 3 series of Nuclear Missiles. Burtin supplies said product.

C.E. Bent & Son

Burtin Urethane Corp supplies nearly all the spray applied foam used for the Rose Bowl Parade floats to C.E. Bent & Sons. The foam was selected due to its low odor and low toxicity to live flowers.


The first LINE-X truck was sprayed by Claudio Burtin in 1987.


United States Department of Agriculture approves Burtin formulas to be applied to surfaces coming into contact with meat and poultry food products.

Burtin & Line-X

Line-X officially became a division of Burtin Urethane on April 2, 1993.


Burtin Urethane supplied all the floatation foam to the feature film Waterworld.

National Brand

Under Claudio Burtin’s leadership, Line-X launched the National Franchise Program that we all know today.


Another Burtin formula, Paxcon, was spray applied to protect 3 of the 5 wedge renovations of the Pentagon for blast mitigation. Claudio assembles the team that installs the product for Hensel Phelps.


BASF purchases Burtin Urethane.

Graham Partners

Graham Partners purchases

Louisiana Superdome

Burtin Polymer Laboratories developed a spray-applied foam material solution for the nearly 400,000 square feet of the perimeter wall of the Superdome. This project is believed to be the largest spray applied foam perimeter wall project in the world.


Claudio Burtin started Foametix, a spray insulation company headquartered in Northern Georgia.


Burtin starts BulletLiner, the next generation of spray-in bedliners with a new formula outperforming Line-X and outpaces the competition with new applicator involvement.


After the success of Burtin’s BulletLiner and Fometix programs, Accella purchased Burtin Polymer Laboratories and became what is known today as Carlisle. To this day, Carlisle continues to use the same manufacturing site that was built by Burtin.


Burtin Polymer Innovations

Burtin Polymer Innovations is formed in Adairsville, GA.

Burtin Polymer Innovations

Burtin builds a state-of-the-art facility with 150,000,000 pound compounding capacity and registers a new bedliner formulation, System 22, and a new spray foam series, Isotryme.